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Supported Operating Systems
The AutoUpdate software used to download and update PrimeCharts, MetaStock, ASCII and Omega/SuperCharts/TradeStation data is Microsoft Windows based.

All Microsoft Windows operating systems from Windows XP to the current Windows 11 are supported by our updating software. 

Windows RT is not supported.

Many users of Apple products use our Windows based AutoUpdate on their Apples by means of Windows Emulation software.

In providing computer software, methodologies, stock exchange data and/or training, neither EasySoft nor PrimeCharts takes into account the investment objectives, financial situation and/or particular needs of any particular person.  Before making an investment decision on the basis of a computer software package, and/or related data therein, the investor or prospective investor needs to consider, with or without the assistance of a securities adviser applicable to the area in which the investor resides and/or intends investing in, whether the advice is appropriate in light of the particular investment needs, objectives and financial circumstances of the investor or prospective investor.

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